Hey, my name is Alex and welcome to my website, Kurrent K-pop!

K-pop (n): a style of pop music originating from South Korea.

I love K-pop! Phew, glad we got that out of the way. Ever since I discovered K-pop a year ago, I have become an active listener and now I want to share it with YOU!

The goal of this website is to give you a better understanding of K-pop by sharing the latest music, music videos, trends and news in Korea and around the world. During my time as a K-pop fan, I’ve also explored various aspects of Korean culture including the food, television shows, movies, etc., that I’ll be including in my Korean culture blog. I hope you find something you enjoy during your time on my website!

Music is universal and knows no boundaries, so let’s listen to some K-pop together!

For any questions, media inquiries and/or K-pop related PR consulting needs, please contact me at: alexandra.dibenigno@gmail.com.

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.