Three Must Try K-dramas For The First Time Watcher

Done with television? Finished everything on Netflix? Well, let me introduce you to the addicting world of Korean dramas (or K-dramas). Don’t worry, you can easily find these shows with subtitles in all different languages for your viewing pleasure. Here are three different K-drama shows to try out!


Regarded by many as one of the greatest K-dramas, Goblin is a funny, romantic, emotional and impactful show! Goblin tells the story of an immortal 'goblin' that will not be able to die until he meets his bride. The show definitely takes it time to flesh out all the interesting characters and will leave you on the edge of your seat. Nothing is forgotten in this show, even the scenery and fashion constantly delivers along with effortless acting. If you want interesting characters and plot, Goblin is DEFINITELY for you! You can watch Goblin: The Great and Lonely God up to episode eight for free on Dramafever.

HEALER (20 episodes)

Healer is already three years ago, but is still in all K-drama must watch shows lists because it’s that epic! If you want action, mystery and thriller all wrapped into one, Healer is your kind of show! Healer follows the tale of a talented errand man named 'Healer' who becomes entangled in a complicated mystery between a famous male reporter and the unknown reporter that idolizes him. Ji Chang-Wook, who plays the main male character, is well known for his action roles and pulls it off effortlessly. Healer is available to stream for free on Dramafever.


Yes, a strange title, but Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo will have you crying from laughter. Weightlifting tells the complicated, but charming, relationship between a sassy female weightlifter and a handsome male swimmer as they figure out their lives along with their quirky best friends. It’s an easy going show that is filled with delightful characters that will leave you smiling and feeling all warm inside. Watch Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo on Dramafever.

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