Adventures at Korea Town in Tokyo!

A couple of months ago I embarked on my first solo travel to Japan for ten days. During my time, I was able to try many different foods, see the cliché tourist sights and visit Tokyo and Kyoto. My stay in Tokyo was brief, but I knew I had to visit  Korea Town, an area in the northern part of Tokyo nestled between Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. I’ve never visited Korea or a Korea Town in the United States, but I was excited for the opportunity to discover a different culture.


If you are ever in Tokyo, take the time to visit Korea town. It’s an easy area to find, just ride on the Yamanote subway line and get off at Shin-Okubo station and take a right once you exit the station. You’ll be in the heart of Korea town and in a completely different world!

Tokyo’s Korea Town has a relaxed atmosphere with people drinking, laughing and bustling around the cramped streets filled with flashy music videos, pumping music and neon lights. It was a nice disorder to the order that I had become accustomed to while in Tokyo.  

18944400_10154677239846958_85033488_n 2.jpg

Perhaps the best part of the trip was seeing fellow K-pop lovers enjoying the hundreds of shops selling albums, tour dvds, merchandise, etc. It was an endless stream of posters, flags and pictures up and down the street as owners tried to coax potential customers into their stores. It was a refreshing adrenaline that led me to splurge on whatever caught my eye. You can’t go wrong with any of the stores and there were even some K-pop themed cafes where you could pass the time away.  

I was unable to eat because I had a large lunch prior to visiting, but there were multiple food carts crammed in every nook and cranny selling delicious Korean snacks with lines running for hundreds of feet. Grocery stores were packed with restaurant owners and parents buying their ingredients for soon to be dinners.

During my two-hour exploration I bought the following items:

  • 1 of 1 Album and 1 and 1 Repackaged Album by SHINee
  • You Never Walk Alone Album Set by BTS

If you are a lover of K-pop and/or Korean culture, Korea Town in Tokyo is definitely the place to be if you have a tight wallet. Many of the items were reasonably priced and cheap food was plentiful. As an international K-pop fan, it can be difficult to find stores to purchase items, but Korea Town made it easy!

Have you ever visited a Korea Town or have been to Korea? Let me know in the comment section below!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.