I absolutely love making lists, don’t you? So here we go, my first list in a while, ever since my blog post ‘FIVE K-POP SONGS FOR THE FIRST TIME LISTENER’ debuted on my little website! Today, we’re going to be exploring which K-pop girls are my absolute FAVORITE! Now, I’m going to warn you ahead of time…I’m not a big fan of girl groups. Many K-pop girl groups showcase an ‘innocent’ concept and, while it’s not bad by any standards, it’s not my usual taste in music. But, these top five lady groups stand out!

5) Girls’ Generation (SNSD)

A list of favorite girl groups isn’t complete without the legendary K-pop, Girls’ Generation. With over ten years of experience under their expensive belts, these girls know the industry better than anyone, and have achieved every recognition possible within the K-pop industry. Usually, I’m not a fan of bubblegum pop, or cute concepts, but Girls’ Generation is, and always will be, the exception. Truthfully, I’m not a fan of many of their side tracks, but their title songs are what drives them to the top of my favorites list! With vivid music videos, intricate choreography, and stellar vocals, Girls’ Generation always succeeds no matter what they attempt. Whether it’s feminist, dark songs like “You Think,” or overly dramatic songs like “THE BOYS,” Girls’ Generation never disappoints their fans or K-pop itself.  Take for example the song, “I Got a Boy,” (my personal favorite song by SNSD)! The song changes cords, rhythms, keys, notes, settings, etc. nonstop! Their intricateness and perfection in every avenue is what drives them to number on my list.

Honestly, I can’t see any girl group being able to succeed the way Girls’ Generation has succeeded, and I’m okay with that. Even with the announcement of three members leaving (including my bias, Sooyoung), Girls’ Generation will always be considered legends!


Do you want something different? Unique? Unheard of before? Look no further than the bluesy, old-school girl group, MAMAMOO! The four-member group brings classy sexiness to the forefront with their sensual voices that just fill your ears with endless ecstasy! Although MAMAMOO is no stranger to controversy, the girls always pull through with their immense talent that has gained them recognition over the years. The girls have finally made it big with their latest release, “Yes I Am,” but it’s their song, “You’re the Best,” that made me an instant fan. The members’ charms are impossible to ignore, and it left me wanting more and more from this standout group (and if you must know, Solar is my bias)! MAMAMMOO blends pop with 1950s/1960s retro vocals that are exemplified with their dance moves and personal styles.


I’m not a fan of cutesy, and that’s why I absolutely love BLACKPINK. This group, consisting of four-members, examplifies femininity and hardness, without relying on ‘aegyo.’ Probably the biggest girl group right now (but with the least amount of music releases), BLACKPINK is a group that requires patience. After the release of their first EP, Square Two, in November 2016, the girls have only released ONE SONG! Yes, ONE! As a K-pop fan who is used to endless releases, it’s been absolute torture waiting for these talented ladies to come out with more stellar music. Each of the girls’ voices is unique, and with their sexy choreography, it’s no surprise that they have dominated the K-pop world! Now, I wasn’t a fan of their latest release, “As If It’s Your Last,” but it doesn’t stop me from keeping them on my favorite K-pop girl groups list! How can one not fall in love with their other singles, like “Boombayah,” “Whistle,” and, my personal favorite, “Playing with Fire”? Side note: Lisa, the rapper, is my bias. 

2) 4Minute

Despite 4MINUTE’s disbandment in January 2016, the five-member girl group continues to stand as one of my favorite K-pop girl groups, and for good reason. These women were and still are the quintessential badasses of the K-pop girl group world. Each member brings the fierceness, sassiness, and independence necessary to be classified as one of the greatest girl groups in K-pop history. Their last EP, Act. 7, showcased their growth as a veteran group, with EDM and party tracks like "Hate", being mixed with cool, sensual electronic tracks like "No Love." Throughout their careers, these women brought variety. Since their debut in 2009, 4MINUTE strayed away from the more cutesy concept in "Hot Issue", and showed that displaying skin, showing sex appeal, and discussing feminism can be liberating and get you far within the K-pop music industry. No song better represents this than one of their biggest (and craziest) hits, "Crazy." 

In many ways, 4MINUTE paved the wave for many current 'non-cutesy' concept groups, such as BLACKPINK and CLC, but they never truly gained recognition. Only Hyuna (with the curly hair), one of my favorite K-pop solo artists, was able to stand on top and recieve the fame this group truly deserved.

1) f(x)

I think I’ve said this a million times throughout this blog, but f(x) is by far my favorite K-pop girl group! Breaking boundaries left and right, f(x) is one of the most distinctive girl groups to ever exist in the K-pop music industry! Their music discusses deep and relatable issues like depression, world events, and the confinements of women within the music industry. Even Amber, the main rapper of the group, uses her masculine personality and style to shake the core of the K-pop fashion community, by showing that women can be beautiful without having to wear a skirt and heels. Overall, the group broke the mold of a stereotypical K-pop girl group, and many fans still wonder why SM Entertainment has refused to ever let f(x) shine. Sadly, these girls have been in the ‘dungeons’ of SM Entertainment for over two years now, and it seems like it’ll stay that way. Until then, fans of f(x) will keep listening to some of their greatest hits, like “4 Walls,” the retro single that made their album, 4 Walls, one of the most dynamic albums of 2015. Also, it's one of those rare instances when the live performance blows away the music video (although I still love the music video, too). 

It's hard to pick just one favorite from f(x)! Check out their other hits like "Rum Pum Pum Pum," "Red Light," "Hot Summer," and "Diamond." 

K-pop is such a diverse genre of music that it can be pretty difficult to limit your favorites to just five (I sure had a hard time)! What's your favorite girl group? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop. 

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