As November winds down, so do the fall comebacks as winter approaches and inevitably winter-themed comebacks return. Let's get started on the top K-pop highlights last week! 


The ten-member group has returned with a familiar sound after releasing their EP, Demo_02, last Tuesday. The album had an eerily similar ambiance and attitude to their last EP, Demo_01, released in September (making this one of the quickest comebacks by a rookie group in 2017). In a way, the group has suffered from countless comebacks as their sound hasn’t changed much and experimentation has gone down over the past months. The same bass, melody, transitions, and vocals can be heard and with “Runaway” having the same inspirational tone as “Like This,” it all seems to blend into one beige tone. It’s a shame that the group has started to blend into the background, as Hui, PENTAGON’s leader, is well-known for writing, composing, and producing all of the group’s hit songs. Even the two music videos were similar, with the same imagery of running, lit objects, and acting “brotherly” is shown throughout both. It’s the same old, same old from a group trying to NOT be just that.

However, despite the disappointment I felt in listening to “Runaway,” the group did bounce back slightly with their surprise music video for their lovely, but sad track, “Violet.” The song, while nothing new or exciting, does show a more sensitive side to the usually intense and deep group. As the members face having to leave their first loves behind, it’s met with trepidation, soulful lyrics, and strong falsettos. The imagery throughout the music video was strikingly beautiful and definitely captured my attention, particularly during the flower scenes. Overall, the comeback was “meh,” but I’m still a fan of this highly talented group!


HONEYST, the most quintessential teen-hot throb band, is back with their first comeback! Their debut track, “Like You,” was fun, simplistic, and captured some gorgeous scenery in their music video. In this track, though, the group goes for a calmer feeling and gives an overall fall vibe, something I was missing in K-pop this season. Many groups seemed to stray away from the autumn tones, but HONEYST embraced it by using warm overtones in their music video. Unlike their debut track, “Someone to Love” was more about the vocals and abilities of each member, and gave a more “band” vibe. Instead of being a cute group of guys with some guitars and drums, the group came back and focused on the instrumentation, making them a group I will gladly follow now!

Also, can we just admire the adorable tiny band moving across the screen as the song progresses?


BTS has already returned to the music scene, and this time with an epic new remix for their hit song "MIC Drop" featuring world-renowned DJ Steve Aoki and rapper Desiigner. The group released three different forms of the song: a short Japanese version, one with the first part featuring Desiigner, and the original just with BTS and Aoki. 

The remix version is a nice compliment to the already hardcore, primarily rap hit by the seven-member group, and enables the members to shine instead of the EDM influenced instrumentals. Instead, Aoki does a good job uniting the two and bringing to life a more "club" version of an already great hit. The music video features both Aoki and BTS grooving to the beat, but primarily focuses on elements of BTS choreography, something fans were raving about prior to the release of the remix. Since BTS already performed "MIC Drop" multiple times live, the choreography came as no surprise but added with the simplistic, yet effective cinematography in the music video enabled the choreography to become fresh and new again. Also, let's not forget the added English lyrics (usually the most awkard part of any K-pop song) that actually flowed WELL and made sense? High props to RM, the leader of BTS, who supposedly helped create the English lyrics.

Although the music video didn't beat "DNA" records, it still was an accomplishment for a remix version of a song, with the video reaching two million likes and 14 million views, making it the second most viewed K-pop video in 24 hours.

Now, onto the version with Desiigner. As a major fan of J-Hope, I was disappointed with the loss of his first verse, along with Suga, but the element of surprise and hype was present nonetheless. I'm not a fan of "mumble" rap and, as a result, I didn't enjoy Desiigner's part, but I appreciated his efforts and how much he positively BTS on his social media and in the media. This version of "MIC Drop" was released on iTunes, and was the first ever single by a K-pop group to reach #1 on US iTunes, an incredible feat for the internationally recognized group. No matter the preference, no one can deny that BTS, Steve Aoki, and Desiigner brought a fresh new take to an already stellar song.

What was your favorite K-pop song released last week? Let me know in the comments below! 

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop. 

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