If you’re in the need of soulful rap, look no further than the notorious BewhY. Considered by many as one of the greatest modern Korean rappers, BewhY is a recent artist that has exploded within the music scene. At only twenty-four, BewhY already has a well-developed sound that is highlighted with his incredibly unique voice and doesn’t rely on the flash performances, but only his lyrics to be successful. 


BewhY started as the winner of Show Me the Money Season 5, a rap competition showcasing underground rappers across South Korea. Prior to the show, he released a studio album titled Time Travel, and even released a music video for the song, “The Time Goes On.” The song highlights his difficult story of making it within the rap scene, and showcases his faith with lyrics like “My life is a featuring in the art masterpiece God is creating/My weakness is used in God’s symphony,” and other lyrics. He isn’t a rapper who is afraid to tell his WHOLE story, instead of simply displaying the “cool” parts of his lifestyle.

During 2016, BewhY performed sing after single during his time on Show Me the Money, but probably his greatest performance was “Believe! Forever Forever,” a song produced by GRAY, another Korean rapper (notice the whisper of ‘GRAY’ prior to BewhY beginning his performance). Even if Korean isn’t your first language, it’s obvious that BewhY is showing off his power to not only the audience members but the famous rappers backstage, including Zion T. As BewhY raps in his song, other rappers should fear his arrival to the stage and I couldn’t agree more.

After his win, BewhY released multiple singles in anticipation to his full album release, including "Scar," "Hewgeso," and others. However, what truly showed his stardom was the release of his eleven song album, The Blind Star, on September 17, 2017. Although it can be seen as a personal opinion, and it probably is one, The Blind Star is one of the rawest and proudest rap albums I’ve ever listened to. With great hits like "Red Carpet," "Bichael Yackson" (get the pun?), and "My Star," it’s no wonder that the album was highly received by critics, fans, and Korean music listeners from across the world. My personal favorite, "Red Carpet," tells the story of BewhY as he brings his vulnerable, yet equally powerful music to the forefront of the rap music scene. Without fear, BewhY tells his story and isn’t ashamed to tell it with some serious swag involved. Yes, I used the word swag. How else can you describe a rapper who simply stands still, but yet tells everything? It’s the feeling he evokes through his wordage, beat, and style that brings forth this strong emotion from listeners like me.

He even brags about his riches in the luxurious song, “9UCCI BANK,” featuring Dok2. Equipped with endless Gucci products and a powerful bass, BewhY shows to his competition that he is a force to be reckoned with and has the wallet to prove it. 

Truthfully, I’m a new fan of BewhY and I’m not well-equipped enough to be called a true "fan." However, when news came of his first U.S.A. tour promoted by SubKulture Entertainment, I had to see if any locations were close by. Sadly, with the closest concert being located in Atlanta, I doubted that I would have the opportunity to witness a legend in the making. But, strangely enough, as life usually is, I will be on vacation in Washington D.C. the same time as BewhY will be holding his concert on November 9th. So, if you see me make sure to say hi! I'll be the one screaming in the corner pretending I can dance. 

 Image owned by BewhY and SubKulture Entertainment

Image owned by BewhY and SubKulture Entertainment

With performances still set for Chicago, Atlanta, Washington D.C., and New York you can definitely buy your ticket today! Visit SubKulture Entertainment and buy your ticket before time runs out and you miss your chance at seeing BewhY! Until then, I'll be listening to BewhY's music nonstop and getting incredibly hyped for a crazy night in less than a week!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.

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