Not Today by BTS – Subtitles Included

BTS has captured the hearts of millions of fans with their lit music, deep lyrics, stellar choreography, charming personalities and artistic music videos. You might remember them as the K-pop group that attended the recent Billboard Music Awards and won the Social Artist Award with over 300 million votes. Not Today is definitely a music video that grabs your attention with its incredible dancing, visuals and powerful vocals. The lyrics describe the member’s inspirational journey as they fought their way to ultimate stardom despite constant criticism from their haters. Even with their difficult past, BTS has definitely reached out on top! 


Girls slay, too! BlackPink debuted only a year ago, but already these young women are well known for their strong dance moves, attitudes and music. The four girls are able to create a refreshing spin on the ‘bad boy’ tale by implementing fiery visuals, slaying dance moves and beautiful vocals that makes the song so unique. The group is the youngest out of the list, but don’t underestimate the power of BlackPink and take the time to definitely check out their other dance worthy hits if you are in need of a mood booster. For the English lyrics click here.

View by SHINee

SHINee is a well-known K-pop group that debuted in 2009 and has hit the top of Korean and international music charts ever since. SHINee is known for constantly changing their musical styles to keep their fans engaged and interested. View is no exception with the group experimenting with a retro concept that fits with their cool image. The music video shows the group being kidnapped by a group of young women and dancing their worries away and their listener’s worries away, too. The song reminds me of California beaches and is the perfect car-ride song after a hard day at work. For the English lyrics click here.

Congratulations by DAY6 - Subtitles Included

A unique subgenre of K-pop are K-pop bands, that combine the appeal of both pop and rock music into one exciting form of music. DAY6 is a group that debuted only two years ago, but is already making waves across seas. The above song was actually their debut song and was received with high praise. DAY6 has shined as one of the best examples of K-pop bands in the K-pop scene and they have created hit after hit while always staying true to their incredible instrumental, songwriting and vocal styles. 

Palette by IU featuring G-Dragon – Subtitles Included

K-pop also includes solo artists that are just as powerful and well-recognized as some of the major groups. IU is a perfect example of a successful solo artist with multiple awards, four studio albums and endless number one hits under her belt. Palette was an instant hit and even features one of the most well known K-pop rappers, G-Dragon from BIGBANG. IU wrote the lyrics to the song about her personal favorite things and the importance of self-confidence despite the constant media criticism focused on her looks. The song is self-reflecting and matches well with the definite coffee house vibes. Sip your favorite brewed coffee while listening to this song for an endless relaxing time.

Hopefully these songs showcase the different sides of K-pop for you, from hardcore club worthy dance music to calm coffee house vibes. Let me know what you think of my list in the comment section below!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.