K-WEEK (June 5)

Hey newbies and welcome to the first K-WEEK, a weekly post that will feature two things that happened in K-pop music this past week.

G-Dragon’s latest mini-album release titled ‘KWON JI YONG’

            G-Dragon is a legend within the K-pop and music industry. Known as a trendsetter in everything he does, G-Dragon is back with a lit new mini-album and stellar music video. For those who don’t know, G-Dragon is the leader of one of the greatest K-pop groups ever, BIGBANG. With his third mini-album, 'KWON JI YONG', G-Dragon continues trendsetting by selling his album as a USB, instead of as a CD. Because, why not? G-Dragon’s mini-album was released on June 8 and has already broken records, reaching the top of iTunes music charts in 41 countries!

He also released a music video for his title song, (Untitled, 2014), that was completed in fifteen minutes and done in one take, but that's to be expected of a legend. His new mini-album showcases the more professional and emotional side of this usually quirky character and is definitely a must purchase for any lover of music in general.

Day6’s release of their first full album titled ‘Sunrise’

Day6 has been around for less than three years, but the group has already made an impact in the K-pop industry. Still regarded as ‘underrated’ (I'm still wondering why, though) the group made waves by releasing an EP each month in 2017. On June 8, the group finally released their first full album, ‘Sunrise’, that features two new songs, remakes of their past hit songs on prior mini-albums and their EP songs.

The title song, ‘I Smile’ (subtitles included), is an emotional song that is paired with beautiful vocals, those high notes tho, and stunning cinematography. Overall, the group’s first album can be deemed a success and ‘I Smile’ has definitely crept up to the top of my favorite songs of 2017 so far.

That's all for K-WEEK this week, until the next!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.  

Note: For English lyrics of (Untitled, 2014), click here.