In K-pop groups there can be many members, but each member is organized by a role that they specialize in. Let's learn some of these roles!

The Vocalists

Members of the group who have strong vocals and sing major parts or the majority of the songs.

The Dancers

Another major component of K-pop is the dancing and there are members within the group that specialize in dancing and are regularly involved in the choreography routines. Dancers are usually in the front, while the least talented dancers are in the back.

The Rappers

Many K-pop groups will have a rapper that is either known as an ‘idol’ rapper or an actual ‘rapper.’ An ‘idol’ rapper is a member that was assigned the role of a rapper, while a ‘rapper’ is a member that was a rapper prior to joining the group, whether as a soloist or an underground rapper.

The Visual/Face of the Group

If you haven’t noticed, a lot of K-pop groups are insanely…pretty. But, there is usually a member that is the designated ‘face’ or the ‘model’ of the group that is known for their looks and is featured in multiple photo shoots.

The Leader

Each K-pop group is led by a leader who is decided randomly, by the group or by the company. The leader doesn't necessarily have to be the oldest, but are known for having strong leadership skills, easy-going personalities that mesh well within the group and specialize in either singing or rapping.

The Maknae

This position is reserved for the youngest of the group and they are known for having a likable, cute personality.

Now let's try to figure out who is who! EXO is a  K-pop male group that consists of nine members and are known for their insanely catchy tunes! Here is their hit song, 'Monster' below. Watch it and see if you an figure out which role each member plays!

Were you able to figure out who is who? Here are the answers:

  • The Vocalists: 0:12 - Baekhyun; 0:23 - D.O.; 0:41 - Chen; 1:25 - Xiumin
  • The Dancers: 0:07 - Kai; 0:58 - Lay
  • The Rappers: 2:37 - Chanyeol; 2:42 - Sehun
  • The Visual: 0:07 - Kai 
  • The Leader: 1:14 - Suho
  • The Maknae: 2:42 - Sehun

Some of these were pretty hard, but hopefully you got a few! Which role is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Personally, I like the vocalists the most!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.

Note: For English lyrics of Monster, click here