Summer is in full force and oh boy am I feeling it in Florida! Thankfully, that gives me the perfect excuse to re-listen to some of my favorite summer hits from SISTAR. Let’s check out some songs by the well-known Queens of Summer.

Now, I’m going to start this blog with unfortunate news, SISTAR has disbanded, but behind them, the group leaves a legacy of countless wins, multiple hit songs and a reputation for being one of the most iconic girl groups.

 From left to right: Soyou, Hyolyn, Bora and Dasom.

From left to right: Soyou, Hyolyn, Bora and Dasom.

The group debuted in 2010 and consisted of four members: Hyolyn, Soyou, Bora, and Dasom. The four girls made countless comebacks, primarily during the summer, and were categorized as having sexy, fun and summery songs that had everybody dancing. However, the girls were also known as controversial, by showing off their sexuality, displaying their tattoos, and openly speaking up against harmful men within the K-pop music industry. SISTAR always made an impact!

Probably their biggest and most fun hit, ‘Touch My Body,’ is an easy example of why SISTAR will always be known as the Queens of Summer. If dancing around by the pool, swimming in the pool and having late night pool parties doesn’t SCREAM summer, I’m not sure what else does. It’s a fun tune that can get anybody smiling on a bad day! Other summer hits include, I Swear, Shake That, and much more!

In May 2017, SISTAR and Starship Entertainment (the company they were signed with) announced that the group would disband for personal reasons after seven years. The group released one last song, ‘Lonely’, that showed the girl's close relationship, love for their fans and the loneliness of having to part. Thankfully, the girls did reveal that they would be pursuing solo careers, including the leader of SISTAR, Hyolyn, who just released a summer vibe song last Thursday! 

But, despite their disbandment, SISTAR will always be the definition of SUMMER for many of their fans, including me. Although I absolutely love their boppin’ summer hits, I think it’s one of their slow ballads, ‘Say I Love You’ that will always be a personal favorite of mine.

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