Is K-pop not your style? Have you just tried to get into it, but find yourself not feeling it? That’s TOTALLY fine and understandable! That’s the beauty of the internet where access to music is easier than ever and enables you to discover new music easily. I mean, I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve wasted at work listening and researching K-pop (shhh, don’t tell my boss!!!). Thankfully, Korea is also known for other amazing styles of music that are just as impressionable and impactful as K-pop. Today, I’ll be highlighting Korean R&B.

Just like with K-pop, K-R&B (I made that up) is just as amazing despite the language barrier. In my totally biased opinion, Korean is a language that has a beautiful flow that naturally rolls off the tongue. R&B requires constant attention to the flow and rhythmic style, and K-R&B definitely delivers!


If you’re looking for a starting point, look no further than my top three favorite R&B artists.


 Picture from Joombas Music Group / Universal Music Group

Picture from Joombas Music Group / Universal Music Group

Known as the Prince of Asian R&B, Dean is a masterful producer, writer, composer, and singer that is loved for his honey-like voice and smooth music. Anything he touches seems to turn into an instant hit, and as a result, he has done collaborations with countless artists. Dean is a powerhouse that can’t be ignored and is not only recognized in Asia, but all over the world. His fan base is ever growing, with his first EP, '130 mood: TRBL', gaining recognition on countless music websites and charts, including Billboard Music.

If the above song doesn’t prove to you his immense talent, try out one of his best collaborations with Heize in the song ‘And July.’


 Picture from CJ E&M

Picture from CJ E&M

PERFECT SEGWAY, am I right? Yes, the Queen of R&B has to go to Heize because she slays constantly with her confidence and meaningful lyrics. Heize has a light, airy voice that matches well with the cool style of R&B. Her voice is perfect for rainy days or long car rides, but truly Heize is perfect for any time of day. Her latest mini-album, ///, showcases her unique style, especially in her recently released music video, ‘Don’t Know You,’ featuring Onew from SHINee.


 Picture from YG Entertainment

Picture from YG Entertainment

Taeyang is a legit legend within the K-pop community and a well-known music figure in general. He is a part of the biggest K-pop group of all time, BIGBANG, and has a highly successful solo career. He specializes in making strong R&B hits that highlight his soulful voice with romantic, sensual, and danceable music that anybody would love! Taeyang has been in the music industry for over ten years and it shows with his immense talent. I mean, how could you not fall for his song ‘Wedding Dress'’?

Taeyang is also known for his slower songs that always make a huge impact. Check out one of his biggest hits, 'EYES, NOSE, LIPS'!

Although Taeyang’s style of music fits more early 2000’s/2010’s, his music is timeless. If you enjoy Taeyang's music you are in luck. Taeyang will be visiting North America in multiple cities all over, including Los Angeles, Toronto, New York, and more. Thanks to KPOPME, you have the chance to witness a true K-pop music legend! Make sure to stay tuned and buy your ticket before time runs out! 

K-R&B is one of my favorite genres of music and is constantly being played wherever I go. I hope after reading this you’ll love it, too! What are your thoughts and which artist was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.

Note: None of the images/videos are owned by me