Image from S.M. Entertainment 

Image from S.M. Entertainment 

One of the biggest K-pop groups is back and ready to slay everyone with their new sound! EXO is a group that has proven their worth with countless awards, hundreds of nominations, millions of YouTube views, and endless music hits. The nine-member group has introduced thousands of people to the world of K-pop and has consistently been releasing good K-pop music.

Want to become a new fan of EXO? Here are some quick facts about the group:

  • EXO debuted under S.M. Entertainment in 2012
  • EXO is made up of nine members: Suho (the leader), Chen (vocalist), Kai (dancer/rapper), Xiumin (vocalist), Baekhyun (vocalist), Sehun (dancer/maknae), D.O. (vocalist), and Lay (dancer/vocalist)
  • Originally, the group debuted with twelve members, but three (Kris, Tao, and Luhan) left due to contract issues and reoccurring injuries
  • The group releases music in both Korean and Chinese
  • EXO was set up to be EXO-K (Korean group) and EXO-M (Mandarin group), but due to the majority of the EXO-M members leaving, EXO-K and EXO-M merged to just EXO
  • EXO have released four full albums and five mini-albums, including Christmas albums 
  • EXO also has a subunit called EXO-CBX that is made up of vocalists Baekhyun, Chen, and Xiumin
  • Fans of EXO are called EXO-Ls and the official color of EXO is Cosmic Latte

Okay, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into some of EXO’s past hits! EXO debuted with the song ‘Mama,’ but the group became a huge hit when they came out with ‘Growl’ in 2013. The song was known for its incredible choreography, chorus, and the fact that the music video was done in ONE TAKE (yes, ONE!)!

Other early hits that included past members include 'Overdose', 'Call Me Baby', and a personal favorite of mine, 'What is Love.'

But, EXO truly reached the top with the release of their last album Ex’Act that has the current nine members. With the release of 'Monster', EXO catapulted to new heights, being recognized internationally as one of the best current K-pop boy groups and even completing a successful international tour.

How is EXO possibly able to top themselves? Well, that’s exactly what EXO does each time! The group is constantly evolving their music styles to fit their ever growing audience, whether it’s the more boyish style of their first full album, XOXO, to the grungy, dark, and gritty last album, Ex’Act. EXO is willing to take the risks necessary and the payoff is always well worth it for these nine members. Just check out their latest title song, 'Ko Ko Bop', below from EXO’s new album, THE WAR.  

As usual, strong cinematography, lyrics, voices, and choreography will certainly send EXO straight to the top of Korean and international music charts! If you’re into a more reggae and tropical house sound, you’ll love their new album, THE WAR. The boys are now men and it shows with their powerful, adult lyrics that will send heat waves throughout and the feel of summer wherever you go!

 Chen. Image from S.M. Entertainment 

Chen. Image from S.M. Entertainment 

Random fact: Chen, the blonde vocalist in the Ko Ko Bop MV, is my bias in EXO and I can’t wait to listen to how the new music highlights his incredibly powerful voice. Because EXO isn’t just known for their good looks, but also for their talented vocalists. For further reference, check out Baekhyun’s and Chen’s duo performance of ‘I Really Didn’t Know,’ and D.O.’s performance of, ‘Scream.’ 

Hopefully, after this, you’ll go check out THE WAR, EXO’s album that released earlier today! The album consists of nine songs that each gives different vibes and sides to EXO. Check it out by clicking here!

Which song out of the new album was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.

Note: No images/videos are owned by me. Cover photo image from S.M. Entertainment.