Today is ‘Merica’s day and it’s time to eat hotdogs, light fireworks, and enjoy time with friends and family while celebrating this great country that I call home. There are many great things about America, and that includes K-pop stars! Did you know that many K-pop idols are actually from the United States? Let’s learn about three of them!

AMBER LIU (Los Angeles, CA)

Amber is the main rapper of one of my personal favorite girl groups, f(x). She is a firecracker within the K-pop music industry by always making a statement, whether through her rap or her fashion. With her tomboyish looks and haircut, Amber breaks the mold of Korean beauty standards. She is beautiful both inside and out by promoting positivity and kindness (as seen below).

Amber also has a successful solo career that includes multiple collaborations with famous artists, including Eric Nam, mini-albums and being featured in music videos. She focuses on important social issues, like self-confidence and mental illness, and is an incredible role model for many young women and men. An example of this is in her song “Borders” below.

ERIC NAM (Atlanta, GA)

Eric is a cool, colorful character and is known for his coffee house type of music his collaborations with tons of artists, including American artists. He started off in the Korean music scene with more popish music (as seen below) that always had a fun edge to it. Eric is the epitome of American cool, and that showed with his many broadcast appearances, including being a co-host for the show After School Club, which is geared towards international fans.

Eric not only did collaborations with Korean artists, but many American artists that included him singing completely in English and venturing to different music genres, such as R&B. Perhaps his best collaboration (and my favorite), was in Gallant’s song, “Cave Me In” that also featured Korean rapper, Tablo. Eric Nam is one of my favorite solo artists and I can’t wait to see him in August at Atlanta, GA (his hometown!) so expect a blog post about it!

AILEE (Denver, CO)

Ailee has been called the ‘Beyonce of Korea’ and she has the pipes prove it! Ailee is a powerhouse that promotes healthy body image and female empowerment through her music. She has multiple mini-albums, singles, music videos, collaborations with well-known Korean artists and many awards under her belt, making her one of the most successful and beloved solo artists. Although one of her older songs, “Don’t Touch Me,” shows Ailee wide range of vocals.

Ailee’s music has stretched through multiple genres, but it’s her voice that always shines through. Possibly one of the greatest vocalists of this modern generation, Ailee always stands out. One of her greatest performances was her cover of the Whitney Houston classic, “I Will Always Love You.”

In recent news, former President Obama recently acknowledged SHINee in his speech at the Asian Leadership Conference, quote: “Young people in the U.S. learn Korean so they can understand SHINee. Likewise, I heard SHINee likes USA’s In-N-Out hamburgers.” Because, what’s more American than K-pop idols acknowledging the amazingness of our hamburgers? Answer: nothing.

Until next time ya’ll!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.  

Note: Images above are owned by @bumkeyk