Do you know Eric Nam? You should know Eric Nam. South Korea’s coffee shop style singer is coming to Atlanta this weekend and you best believe that I am traveling from Tampa to see him! Eric Nam is one of those unique artists that has a voice that can fit into any music genre, whether it's R&B, K-pop, electronic, and more. As a result, Eric Nam is an artist that has dabbled in many projects, many well-known projects, and has made himself into a chameleon powerhouse.

 Image Courtesy of Marie Claire Magazine

Image Courtesy of Marie Claire Magazine

Debuting in 2013, Eric Nam released his first mini-album titled Cloud 9, with the song “Heaven’s Door.” The music video was aesthetically pleasing, with Instagram filter settings, cute romance vibes, and his wonderful voice in the background. It was a song that showcased Eric Nam’s dynamic range while sticking to his acoustic roots. Honestly, the song could be featured in any romantic movie or tv show and be the biggest hit, it’s just easy listening!

As time went on, Eric Nam was featured in multiple variety shows (even hosting After School Club for three years, a show geared towards international K-pop fans), hosted interviews, and was able to share his fun personality with the world and especially South Korea. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Eric brings the funny, outgoing American personality that makes him different from other South Korean artists. Not afraid to be himself, Eric Nam always brings the funk, even through his incredibly quirky (and sometimes silly, hehe) dance moves!

I would categorize Eric Nam as a breath of fresh air because he doesn't stale. One thing you need to know about Eric Nam is that he never stands still. Now, let me explain, Eric Nam is EVERYWHERE! He is always collaborating with artists, famous or underground, and always bring his charming voice along for the journey. Whether it’s with well-known K-pop stars, like Somi from disbanded girl group, IOI, or Wendy from Red Velvet, Eric Nam shines and enables others to shine.

Perhaps his best collaborations are the one where he diverts from his usual acoustic, coffee-shop vibes and explores different genres, like R&B. If I had to request ONE song for him to perform, it would definitely be the song, “Cave Me In.” The single consists of singers Gallant, Tablo, and Eric Nam and has smooth R&B vibes. Together, the trio created a dynamic song that showcased the individual talents of each singer, while still harmonizing well together. Mostly shot in Hong Kong, the music video adds to the slickness that the song heavily evokes.

Basically, I’m SO excited to see Eric Nam, because not only is he incredibly talented, BUT he was one of the first K-pop artists I ever listened to! Yup, thank you, YouTube for your stellar recommendations! Get ready for lots of pictures, videos, and even some fangirling moments especially since I’ll have the chance to MEET and take an exclusive PICTURE with Eric Nam! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@Kurrentkpop) for all the updates Saturday night!

Let’s end the video with what introduced me to Eric Nam, one of his most popular singles, “Can’t Help Myself.” Until next time!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.

Note: No images or media are owned by me. Cover photo courtesy of Marie Claire Magazine.