With one of the biggest legends in K-pop finally making another debut, this week was filled with absolute hits and nonstop killer music. Read more about Taeyang's anticipated return!


 Image courtesy of YG ENTERTAINMENT

Image courtesy of YG ENTERTAINMENT

In case you didn’t know, Taeyang is a BIG deal. As one of the lead vocalists in the legendary K-pop group BIG BANG, Taeyang has one of the best voices in K-pop and maybe in the music industry. His voice is smooth, melodic, and perfect for his catchy R&B inspired hits. He always lets his voice shines, and he proves it in his third full studio album, White Night. Although the instrumentals and EDM influence is well used, it’s definitely softer in comparison to his other albums. Instead, his voice shines and becomes the main focus, especially in one of his title tracks, ‘Darling.’ With just a simple piano, Taeyang brings the direction of the viewer to him and only him, even if he’s about to drown in a sand storm (or be buried?)

Another thing to note is that in comparison to his past albums, Taeyang shows off his maturity with slower tracks, including ‘Wake Me Up,’ ‘Empty Road,’ and ‘Darling.’ Overall, his album has a cool, chill vibe that’s perfect for long car trips or chilling with your girlfriend or boyfriend. The romantic vibes should come as no surprise since Taeyang publicly announced that his girlfriend of nearly four years, Min Hyo-rin, is his musical muse and inspired his album. As a result, the album is filled with both sweet and erotic lyrics. He definitely brings the usual sex appeal in his song, ‘Naked’ with lyrics literally saying, ‘I want you naked.’ Well, dang Taeyang, okay!

This album is a knockout and definitely stands out amongst the generally disappointing summer albums filled the K-pop world with endless EDM tracks, party lyrics, and similar sounding music. Taeyang’s album brings the cool funk while using deep lyrics to showcase his utter love for his honey, and oh boy am I enjoying it!

Honestly, nothing else that happened during the week could compare to the absolute epicness of this album finally being released after a three-year wait. If you’re a fan of Taeyang and from North America, you’re in luck! Taeyang will be doing a world tour with multiple dates in Canada and the United States. Visit KPOPME to see perform Taeyang live in a city near you!

 Image courtesy of YG ENTERTAINMENT 

Image courtesy of YG ENTERTAINMENT 

Perhaps I sound like a bit biased, and you are ABSOLUTELY right! Taeyang is easily my favorite K-pop male soloist in one of my favorite K-pop groups! Other great songs to check out include, Eyes, Nose, Lips, Good Boy, 1 AM, and Ringa Linga. Heck, when one of your favorite K-pop songs this year is only a minute and a half, you know the artist is a legend. 

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