Okay, I know I’m late on my weekly K-pop updates, but I think facing a major hurricane was higher on my priority list. Thankfully, my family and I are completely safe and experienced absolutely no damage to our house! Now, back to the world of K-pop entertainment, I go!


With the release of BTS’s next mini-album ‘Her’ right around the corner (September 18, 2017 to be exact), BTS are beginning the teaser process that is definitely teasing ARMY with almost heart attacks (or maybe it’s already happened?). A lot has been happening lately with BTS, as to be expected by one of the biggest male K-pop groups, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

For one, last Sunday, BTS released a teaser video titled ‘Serendipity’ starring vocal member, Jimin. Usually, the teaser is done by one of the members of the rap line (my personal favorite one is ‘What Am I To You?’ featuring Rap Monster), but this time it’s the vocal lines’ turn.

The song features a blonde Jimin telling his love (essentially ARMY) that he loves them with cute smiles, sensual bed shots, and faint worthy smiles. Besides the hotness factor, the song is absolutely fantastic and shot beautifully. At only two and a half minutes, the song merely showcases or teases what is to come, and it sounds EXTREMELY promising.

Soon after releasing the teaser video, Big Hit Entertainment released teaser photos on its Twitter, that featured a Greek god/Renaissance painting/heaven inspired theme (you decide) and a 90’s concept. Although drastically different in ideas, I’ve hypothesized that the angelic theme goes along with the ‘Love Yourself’ concept, while the 90’s idea might symbolize that all the members were born in the 90’s (?). Regardless, the pictures were high quality and got fans excited, flustered, and crazy on Twitter! 


Last week was an INCREDIBLE week for K-pop music, as indicated by the endless release of new music from some of the biggest K-pop groups! 

To me, the winner of the week was B.A.P., with their deliverance of a summery song that WASN’T tropical house, is that possible?! Yes, K-pop was filled with annoying tropical house inspired songs, but B.A.P. brought the same feel without needing to rely on the latest trends (except for those tragic mullet hairstyles). With endless high notes, interesting (instead of annoying) ‘Ooh, Ooh’ harmonization, and sick rap lines, ‘HONEYMOON’ was an incredibly well-done song. And can we also appreciate their live performance? I held my breath during the synchronized step sequence, which I’m sure left B.A.P. stans shook. Yes, shook!

But, a close second was Pentagon. Although the group is still a rookie group, having only debuted in October, Pentagon showed their maturity with their title song ‘Like This.’ As a lover of the leader, Hui,  I was glad to see that he wrote and produced the title track. It definitely gave me ‘Don’t Wanna Cry’ by Seventeen feels, but 'Like This' was more inspiring, with lyrics encouraging listeners to never give up and keep on running. This time around, the vocal line was given a chance to show and showcased their diverse range and unique tone!

Other great songs this week include ‘Power’ by EXO and ‘I Loved You’ by Day6. Make sure to give both of these songs a listen!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.