So, you’ve found your favorite groups and now you want to learn EVERYTHING about them! Hey, you aren’t alone, it’s only natural to want to become absolutely obsessed with not only the group’s music, but also with his or her members! But, with great curiousity comes great responsibility...and one major question to ask ourselves.To join or not join a fandom? That is the question. 


 Image Courtesy of YG Entertainment

Image Courtesy of YG Entertainment

Okay, I’ve only been a K-pop fan for a year, but I follow way too many groups and solo artists. Now, am I proud of this as a 24-year-old, full-time employee? Not particularly, but we all have our guilty pleasures, right? Right. Okay, glad we confirmed. It’s only natural to want to know more about your group, especially since in K-pop there is SO MUCH MATERIAL. Between V Live, YouTube videos, endless Instagram/Twitter fan accounts, the world of K-pop is never boring or bare. You can know everything about anybody in K-pop, and while that is terrifying it’s also terribly addicting.

Why join?

  • You can learn more about your favorite groups and solo artists by following dedicated websites, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
  • You get the SWEET fandom name – who wanted to be called an ARMY? SHAWOL? EXO-L? HOTTEST? BLINKS? Dang, the list goes on, but regardless you get an awesome nickname and even exclusive merchandise sometimes! 
  • You join a community of likeminded fans that are just as zealous as you!

How to join?

  • Search on Instagram! There are endless fan accounts that you can follow and comment on to learn more about your FAVORITE artists.
  • Comment on YouTube videos about your artist! Yes, I’ve done this and it works! Just ask ‘Hey, who are these guys or girls?’ BOOM! You’ll have hundreds of people ready and willing to kindly tell you all about your soon to be favorite artist!
  • V Live is an incredible world of endless videos uploaded by your favorite artists. For example, want to know more about iKON? Check out their V-Live channel by clicking here.


 Drama, drama, and more drama

Drama, drama, and more drama

Although fandoms can be great, it can also be incredibly daunting and overwhelming.

Why not join?

  • There are fandom wars, yes, you heard me right, fandom WARS! People go all out mindlessly ‘defending’ their favorite groups, while really they are damaging the reputation of other fandom members, and K-pop in general. But, that’s what happens when you give a keyboard to an immature person, right? Excuse my slight anger on this subject, but as a person that hates confrontation, it particularly grinds my gear.
  • It’s time-consuming! As someone that really wanted to be part of a fandom, I can tell you that it’s tiring! You always feel left behind, because you are behind…especially if you have…a job. Don’t feel the stress and just be a super fan, without the label!
  • If you're not about that expensive life, don't join a fandom. Between the multiple comebacks, concert tickets, new merchandise, and exclusive online materials it can get a little bit out of hand. Just buy what you want and when you can! 

How not to join?

  • You do you!
  • You do you!
  • You do you!

Yup, there is no better reason than that because you don’t need to join a fandom to be a true fan. Music is inspirational, emotional, and powerful, and as long as you appreciate your favorite artist’s music, that’s all that matters. Again, you do you!

Fandoms have lately been the talk of the K-pop community, especially with popular groups like EXO and BTS returning in September. Plenty of K-pop YouTubers and listeners are feeling the effects of these fandoms, without even trying to get in the middle of the mindless drama. Now, that isn't to say any one fandom is completely bad, there are more incredible fans than horrible fans, but just always stay mindful of my personal motto: be respectful and listen to GREAT music! Yes, I realize this post was somewhat silly and somewhat short, but it was something I've been wanting to talk about for a while!

What do you think of fandoms and fandom wars? Let me know in the comments below! 

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.