It’s been a while, and that’s because life has become a hectic dream. As always, K-pop has been on the top of my list of priorities, while everything else becomes secondary. 2018 has already led to some great releases (can we all agree "Bad Boy" by Red Velvet is the song of the season?!). But, it's not the time to focus on the latest releases, but, instead, this upcoming...inevitable season. 

During this controversial month, many people are either riding the love train or trying to burn the love train, or perhaps both. Regardless, music can set the mood for every feeling, and I’ve decided to create a quick rundown of some of the best K-pop hits to fit your needs. Let’s get started!


Yippee, you found love and are ready to hit the town with all the latest delicious chocolatey treats, giant stuffed animals, and long-winded cards in hand. Play these three songs to get the cuteness, lovey-dovey-ness (that’s a thing, mmkay?), and adorableness going! Because, truly, who doesn’t love cheesiness?

“Just Right” by GOT7

If you think your significant other is oh-so-perfect looking, perhaps send this song to them as a daily reminder, because you find them JUST RIGHT!

“This is Love” by Super Junior

The suave members of Super Junior are ready to serenade you and your love this Valentine's Day. Get in the romantic mood with this slick tune all about the different, positive emotions of love.

“Love Me Love Me” by Winner

Some people need constant reinforcement that they are loved (guilty as charged), and Winner has the PERFECT song for you. Shake your booty with your boo as you yell at each other "Love me, love me" in unison. You're welcome. 


 So, you’re more into the love-making part of Valentine's Day, which is totally cool. Sadly, to get your lover in the mood it can take a bit of extra effort (and nothing screams effort like creating a K-pop playlist, right?). Use these songs to get the tension rising and the pheromones releasing!

“Eyes, Nose, Lips” by Taeyang

Nothing screams "let's get it on" like Taeyang. I mean, what more do you need than Taeyang shirtless as he describes each part of his lover's body? I'm getting hot just THINKING about it ladies (and men)!

“Promise (I'll Be)” by 2PM

Time to bring the sensual men in suits, which is a sure fire way to get things started in the bedroom. 2PM always brings the sex appeal and the group's classic club banger, "Promise (I'll Be)" with lines like, "baby I'll be," and "I need you right now." Yes, yes I do NEED you 2PM!

“Woo Ah” by Crush

If calm, soothing hip-hop is the route you and your baby want to go then look no further than Crush. Throughout the song, he asks his 'baby' to do whatever she wants and then later repeats 'woo ah yeah,' suggestive much, Crush? Despite that, this R-rated song is PERFECT for a long, soothing night ahead. 


Dammit, just tell them you like them already! Or, just use these songs to help do the job for you…unless they don’t speak Korean, perhaps just turn on the subtitles?

“Very Nice” by Seventeen

Nothing would be MORE nice than for you to just admit your crush already! Use this catchy, cutesy song from Seventeen to help you. I wouldn't recommend "exploding" your heart...with confetti. 

“Hello” by SHINee

It all starts with a 'hello,' right? See someone you think is attractive from across the room? Take SHINee's advice and just go right up and say hello! 

“Just One Day” by BTS

Perhaps you've loved your crush for a long time and imagined a full day with them, and life, and more! Well, just don't take it to the creepy level, and use this BTS song as an inspiration for the perfect date.


Being single during Valentine's Day doesn't have to be awful, but can, instead, be a celebration! It's always better to be single than in bad company, so use this freedom to your advantage and play WHATEVER you want! Also, let's notice a pattern of amazing women creating amazing anti-men/anti-relationships songs...step up your game dudes!!!

“I Don't Need a Man” by Miss A

Honestly, do you need a man? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Take pride in being that strong, independent woman who don't need no man and you do you boo! Okay, I clearly need to calm down, but as someone who was single for most of her life I can't reiterate this enough: YOU DON'T NEED A MAN. Now, enjoy your singleness and do WHATEVER you want today while blaring this classic song from Miss A!

“Hate” by 4MINUTE

The perfect middle-finger-in-the-air-and-don't care song, am I right? Use this day to hate on your ex with this ultimate revenge song. 

“Don’t Know You” by Heize

Keep it chill, but still hating, with Heize's cool song, "Dont Know You." Pretend your hurting you're teddy bear, instead of your ex, because no one is worth going to jail for, okay (but seriously, don't!)? 

Which playlist fits best with your mood on Valentine's Day? Which songs would you add? Let me know in the comments below! And, of course, have a GREAT Valentine's Day!

Stay Kurrent. Stay K-pop.